Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Family Fun!

I had a lot of fun making this! It was fun to create each of our personalities through a cartoon drawing! Fun Fun!

Pyzam Family Sticker Toy

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Blake's Blessing

October 12 was a very special day for our little Blake. Mitch gave such a beautiful blessing to our little guy. We are so lucky to have wonderful family on both sides that love and support us! Thank you to everyone, we love you!

Sweet Baby

This is a very special picture to me... This is who Blake is named after. I love my grandpa!
Blake already thinks he can walk! He is so cute!!

Just sleepin on great grandpa's lap Night out with the family at Macaroni Grill

He looks so happy in this picture! He loves his mommy!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Wonderful Life

I have been thinking about how blessed my life really is. So since this is like journaling I thought that I would list all of the things that are special to me.

All the things that I love...

~My sweet baby boy~ My husband ~ Long naps in the afternoon ~ Cloudy days ~ Pedicures ~ good pair of old jeans ~ good friends ~ my mom ~ movies ~ starbursts ~ family time ~ camping in the cold ~ Music ~ running on the treadmill zoning out to music ~ cuddling with Mitch ~ singing ~ listening to my husband sing in the shower when he doesn't realize I can hear him ~ lake trips ~ strawberry lemonade ~ conversations with my grandpa ~ Holidays ~ giving gifts ~ getting cards ~ learning new things ~ church ~ taking pictures ~ Lilies and Roses ~ singing really loud in my car by myself ~ getting foot rubs ~ hiking ~ good conversation ~ giving service (I could do more of this) ~ laughing until my stomach hurts and tears are running down my face ~ good food with good company ~ traveling anywhere ~ romantic comedies ~ good books~ camp fires ~ meadows ~ cold rain ~ holding Blake ~

There are so many other things that I love but this is just to name a few...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Picture Perfect!

I love this little guy! Jenny helped me make birth announcements and this picture was taken at her house. He is so cute... He seemed to enjoy getting his picture taken. He only got fussy when he was hungry but he let us take tons of pictures in different outfits and different poses. What a little trooper. I love this picture... just simple black and white! My favorite!!

Bath Time

The first time I gave Blake a bath I was so scared! He was so tiny and slippery! My mom taught me how to hold him so that I felt more in control! I was sure glad for her help! Now Blake and I do just fine. He loves bath time... At first he will fight it for a second but then realizes that he really likes it! I love being a mom. All of the little things that he does everyday are so special!


This is Blakes big cousin Aidan. Aidan is so excited to be a cousin! He loves to help out in any way. So Mitch was feeding him and Aidan came running over to ask his uncle Mitch if he could help feed him. Aidan knows whats up... Blake started to get a little fussy and Aidan said I think he needs aunt Elise! So true! Look how cute he is! Such a good helper!

Hiding Baby

This is such a funny picture to me... Mitch was taking a nap and I had to take care of something so I woke Mitch up (clearly he is not that awake) and I walk back in the room to see Blake hiding under the pillow. I started to laugh and had to grab my camera. When I woke Mitch up again he really had no idea what was going on. It was pretty funny.


I think that this is such a cute picture of Blake and his grandpa! Mitch and I are lucky because our parents are so excited about this little guy! Blake loves his grandpa!!!