Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Some of My recent Favorites

And now my most favorite picture we have taken recently... Right before church. He is such a handsome little man. Blake I love you forever! His first experience with bubbles! You can tell how happy he is! He loved them!! He now brushes his teeth at night... which I think is so cute!
Just playing with his trucks before bed time.
So in case you have not read my blog lately I LOVE my little MAN! He is the light of my life. I can not wait to get off of work everyday to come home and see him. He is walking EVERYWHERE now. For months and months he would just cruise around the furniture and last week he decided that he was ready. It is the cutest thing I have ever seen! I will post a video of it later. He is such a happy little baby. He talks in his own language all the time and looks at you like you should understand. He is so funny and I love being his mom more and more every day.

Grandpa Time

We love you Grandpa!! I love how Blake is looking at him in this picture. You can just tell how much he loves him!!

Blake love his grandpa! They have such a cute special relationship. Every time Blake sees his grandpa he lights right up! It is so cute!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Family Pictures

We had so much fun doing this and thank you Megan for capturing some very cute pictures! Now I need your help everyone!
I am definitely getting this one. He is so happy and cute in it!

I really love this family one too!

I love his face in this one.

So curious..

So Serious..

This one makes me laugh. He looks like he is about to play football!

I love this family picture. I love how Mitch and I are both smiling at him. He is so cute!

Like I mentioned in the last post family pictures were done in late August. We had so much fun taking them in down town Gilbert. I love Megan's work. These are just a few of my favorites and now I can not decide which ones to order! I need your help! Your opinion counts!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More to come..

We had family pictures taken back in late August and here is just a sample of the amazing work Megan Papworth does! Check her out! Her blog is on my sidebar. I am so excited about these pictures!!! He is so cute and his little personality really shows in the pictures. I LOVE him!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fountain Fun!

Thanks gammy! What a fun day!!
I love when the camera catches water splashes! Check out his face! He is loving this!!
Look at his mouth... he is trying to bite it. hahaha

Well as you can see Gammy loves little Blake. She let him play in the fountain outside their house and he loved every minute of it! He was so excited to be in the water and so mad when we brought him back inside! Thanks Gammy for letting me have so much fun!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

One Year Ago...

We love you happy man! Happy Birthday! My goodness I love this little boy! He makes me so happy! I took him to his doctor appointment on September 8th and got his one year stats...

He went from:

  • Weight - 6 pounds 10 ounces - 10%
  • Height - 21 inches - 25%


  • Weight: 18.5 pounds - 5%
  • Height: 29 inches - 25%

Still my little man and I love every bit of him!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


So today I got up bright and early... 4:45 to be exact to get ready and go running with some friends from my ward. I have been wanting to get back into running for some time now and I haven't quite figured out how to squeeze it into my schedule. 5:15 in the morning really is the perfect time! It is still dark out which is kind of weird but the weather is wonderful! I was pretty excited about it because running is something that I really enjoy. I couldn't keep up with Erin and Marie (thanks girls for being so nice) but soon I will. So the point of my little story is that I was already motivated and this next part just made me even more! I took Blake to his 1 year appointment today and his pediatrician asked me if I was pregnant! Nope, not pregnant I "calmly replied" (I guess my face must of looked shocked because the doctor immediately tried to cover up what he just asked.) So instead of being offended and letting that get me down by diving deep into a bowl of yummy chocolate ice cream I am even more motivated to get into shape! So if anyone has any words of encouragement in case I start to fall of the bus please enlighten me!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

San Diego Here WE Come!

Thanks again friends! We had a wonderful trip and made some fun memories!

Lets go everybody!
Well you cant tell but there are sharks behind us... Scary!

Mitch and Katy with the little guys.

Here Blake is watching the seals. By this time he was getting pretty tired but he is such a busy little guy that he cant miss a beat!

On to the seals!
Next stop... Shamu! Blake pretty much watched the entire show! He was so good!

Even Easton got in on the action!

At Seaworld Blake got to touch the sting rays. He wasn't scared at all. He loved it!!

Packin up and ready to go! We were at the beach for 2 days then on to sea world before we went home. Blake was such a good baby! All of the babies were. It was great!

Beautiful Beach! It was soo nice!

Boys will be boys... playing horseshoes! All the babies sleeping so the mommies could lay out! Yay!

Check out all the sand that is everywhere. There wasn't one part of him that wasn't covered by the time we left!

Yes we buried him... just a little. He was a good sport!
Ella and Meagan

Katy and Easton

Blake and Cam
This picture makes me think it should be on a postcard somewhere. Love it!!

Hi everybody! Look at me!

All the friends takin a break from the sun.

So happy to be in the sand and the sea! This is probably one of my favorite pictures of me and Blake. I love this little man.

At first he wasn't too sure of the sand... but soon you will see that he LoVeD it!
He would laugh every time the waves came up and splashed him! So cute!!
The second Blake saw the ocean he wanted in. He wasn't afraid at all. He loves the water!
Nice little family pic by the bay.

I LOVE THIS PICTURE! What else can I say... This pic is too funny. I love how all the boys are taking care of the babies while the ladies walk behind. awesome.
Blake is ready to go!
On Tuesday we went to San Diego with our best friends the May's and the Jackman's! We had such a good time. Blake got to see the ocean for the first time and he absolutely loved every minute of it! It is so fun to have friends with kids. Easton and Blake are about 6 months apart and Ella and Blake are about 10 months apart! It is so much fun! Thanks friends for going on vacation with us and we look forward to many years ahead of vacations together!! You guys are the best!