Friday, October 22, 2010

Week 3 Update

So just because I didn't update week 1 or 2 of my training for the half marathon doesn't mean I cant start now, right? Well I am loving it. I really am. I feel so good about myself when I am doing this for lots of reasons. The top two: I am sticking to a goal that I set for myself and I am doing something just for me. I am up to 4 miles now with out having to stop for a break which is a big deal for me because I used to only be able to run 2 miles without a break! Tomorrow is a 5 mile run and I am looking forward to it! Wish me luck!! I will update next week and let you know how I am doing :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mickey Mouse

So like I mentioned before Blake loves Mickey Mouse. Every thing Mickey Mouse. We went and bought him a couple of more friends to add to his collection and now he has to have them every where he is. He loves to watch Mickey Mouse, play with Mickey Mouse, sleepy time with Mickey Mouse... you name it! It is so funny and Mitch and I sometimes wonder what it is about Mickey that he LOVES so much!! Either way it is so cute and he is so fun right now! Here are some highlights about him right now.
  • He is starting to talk in sentences now
  • He loves his family and gives kisses unexpectedly
  • He is funny and likes teasing/joking with us
  • He can count to 15
  • He sings his ABC's
  • He loves trucks, blocks, and his toy truck that he can drive
  • He grabs my face when he wakes up and gives me kisses
  • He loves his daddy
  • He loves the park
  • He loves his friends - Easton and Ella and talks about them often
  • He loves to dance to Mickey Mouse hot dog song
  • He says his prayers
  • He lets me sing to him at night while we have a rock a bye and sometimes he joins in
  • He loves to swim and go to swim lessons

I am having so much fun with him right now. I love having conversations with him and hanging out with him. And honestly when he has his two year old meltdowns I have a hard time not laughing because he is so cute! lol. Love you Blaker Man!!

Weekend Camping Trip

Quick snack in the truck! It was cold and a little tough to sleep with a toddler at night but I am still happy that we went! I love anything that has to do with being outside so it was such a nice break from the valley! I tried to get the sunset in the background... I was right on the edge... and a little freaked out!
Showing mommy the perfect rock to throw in the lake. Blake helping take down the tent! He is a freak for Mickey Mouse. Check out his PJs..

This lake was SO pretty and relaxing!
This weekend we took Blake camping up near Payson. It was a good time. It was definitely different camping with a two year old but I want Blake to love it as much as I did growing up! He had a good time throwing rocks into the lake and hiking around! He is so cute!! Blake and I played while Mitch fished, then at night we had a fire, grilled some burgers and made some smores! It was fun!

Carrie Underwood!

Here she is! She made the stage look like the grand ol opri... someday I will go see the real deal! I had such a fun night!! The weird KNIX barrel guy. haha.

Katy and I before it started. Katy is the cutest prego girl ever..Quick picture during the concert!

So my birthday was back in May but I got Carrie Underwood tickets for it! The concert was the beginning of October and we went with Billy and Katy. We had such a fun night! Carrie Underwood is very good in concert and she is stinkin gorgeous. lol. It was a great time! Thanks friends for coming, you made my birthday lots of fun!!