Wednesday, August 18, 2010

So HOT outside!

Uh-Oh! I'm losing my pants! Haha... Happy Summer Time - We welcome winter any day now! Looks like the grass needs a drink!
Oh I think I will cool off my head!
What is the best thing in the summer time? Playing in the water of course!! Blake loves to be outside and he loves playing in the water! He is in our backyard "helping" daddy and took the chance to get a little wet! He is so cute and we love him to pieces!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Catching Up

Hello friends - I am still here! A lot has been going on this summer and because of that I have been a blog slacker! Major blog slacker! Well anyway just to name a few things... we moved to Chandler, I got a promotion, Mitch started a new job, Blake talks up a storm. This summer has flown by. I can not believe that Blake turns two in a couple of weeks. He is growing up so fast and it is exciting but on the other hand it makes my stomach hurt. I am not ready for him to be so big. He is awesome. Every minute that I spend with him I think to myself how lucky I am that he chose me. He has such a sweet personality and is always concerned about others. He is funny too! I can not wait until he talks in sentences because I am sure he will be cracking jokes all the time! He loves his daddy, his mommy, Pooh Bear, shoes, and keys just to name a few. My favorite thing about him right now is when I say I love you Blake and he says LUV YOU! It is awesome!! I will post more pictures later but the one above is him playing with Mitch's hunting camo! So stinking cute!!