Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Keith Urban!!!

Did I mention that I LOVE Keith Urban! (I can not figure out how to post the picture we had with him so as soon as I figure it out I will post it!)
We had the BEST seats! So fun!Britney and I

Him and his band. They were SO good!
At the concertJosh and Britney

Mitch and I waiting to see him! This was a big poster on the wall
We weren't allowed to take pictures when he came into the room so I took some before..
This past weekend we got to go see Keith Urban at Jobing.com arena! I can honestly say that was the most fun I have had in a very long time! He was so entertaining! To make it even better we had back stage passes and we got to see him perform a song that he didn't perform for the rest of the concert. We got our picture taken with him and it was cool to meet him! Did I mention that I had a blast! Thanks Dad for the tickets!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mommy's Little Helper!

Check out his mischievous face! He is so funny with his faces lately! I love it!
Now he is hiding... Must be up to something! So excited to be helping!
Pulling the laundry back into the basket! The other night I was folding laundry and little man decided he wanted to be helpful! He is so stinkin cute. He climbs right into the basket and starts taking all the laundry and putting it back into the basket! That is his thing I guess... he does it with the dishwasher too! The other day I was loading in the dishes and all of the sudden he was inside sitting holding onto the rack! What a crazy little guy! I just love being his mom! It is the best time of my life!
By the way... he took three steps today all by himself! It wont be too long before he is off and running!

Friends and Babies!

It is so fun having little babies all about the same age as Blake. I can not wait until they are old enough to play together! It will be so much fun!Elise, Blake, Katy, Easton, Meagan, and now little Ella... So cute!
Blake 10 months
Easton 5 months
Ella 3 weeks

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lake Day!

Splash Splash Splash! We LOVE you Blake!
Taking a Dip!
Hi Mom! This past weekend we had a chance to go to the lake with our friends Bill, Katy, Brandon, and Kim! We each brought our babies and headed off to Canyon lake! It was such a fun afternoon! The kids were so good even though it was SO hot! Blake is so funny. He has absolutely NO fear! He would walk right into the lake if we let him! He LOVES the water. We had to stop the boat and dip the babies in so that they would not get too hot! Thanks friends for taking these pictures for me... I cant believe I forgot my camera!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Carnival Day!

It was fun but now I need a nap! Blake does this really cute thing now where he will bend his head to the side and look at ours to see what kind of facial expression we are making... he was starting to do this in this picture. So cute!

Look how big I am mom! This fourth of July we spent up in Prescott with our friends Shawn and Jenny! We had a great time this weekend beating the heat! It rained and was in the mid seventies! Nice... Anyway we went to the carnival with the kids and had so much fun! Blake loves to watch people! He was so curious about what was going on. We cant wait to take him on rides next year when he is big enough! Thanks friends for inviting us along this weekend. We had a lot of fun hanging out with you guys!

Monkey Boy!

Blake is so proud and excited! Thanks Grams for not letting me fall! Flipped the switch and turn to see...
Reached the switch...
Here starts the climb...
We have a little monkey on our hands! This is probably his favorite thing to do right now. He uses all of his strength to pull himself up to reach the switch to the fan and the light then once he hits it he quickly turns around to see what he has done. Then he smiles with such delight and is so proud of his accomplishment! haha... it really is so stinkin cute!

Guitar Baby!

Blake you are the light of our lives! We love you so much! It is so fun watching you grow! Look at me mom! I am playing the guitar!
What dad? I just want to play like you!

Such a curious little guy! He will pluck the strings and then try to put his mouth in the hole! So funny!

Blake loves the guitar! He loves to watch and listen to Mitch play! Yes... I said watch, this is one of the only times Blake will sit still and just watch. I love these pictures so much because Blake loves to be doing whatever Mitch is doing. They have such a special little relationship and it has been so fun for me to watch Mitch play and take care of Blake. I know that he loves this little man so much!