Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fun Family Day

Blake was having so much fun playing in the 38 degree water! This kid loves the water no matter what temperature! We love you little man!On our way up Sabino Canyon. It was SO pretty!

Mitch couldn't have been happier when we found the beaver den. Yes he lovingly calls me Beav
Oh that's better!
Haha... here he is in a turtle shell... trying to escape!
The weather was just right and Blake was happy as can be with his cup of ice
Blake is such a typical little boy. He loves to climb and loves to be outside getting dirtyOn Tuesday we went to Desert Sonoran Museum and to Sabino Canyon with our great friends the Jackmans. It was so much fun. I love going on adventures with them. We have traveled a few places in Arizona with them and we always have such a great time! Blake loved seeing all of the animals native to Arizona and I loved being outside of the office! It was a much needed family day and we were so happy to spend it with Cam, Meagan, and Ella!

Seriously?? So Cute!

I love this picture. And I love this little man. Profile shot.
Hi mom! I am so cute!!Like I mentioned before Blake loves his daddy and loves daddy's keys. The other night I walked into the family room and Blake was wearing Mitch's hat, belt, and of course carrying his keys. We love him so much. He is soo much fun right now!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

See ya mom. Happy Easter! Then he saw his treats and was all about it!
Not too sure what is going on. He kept looking up at me wondering if it was all for him! Yummy Easter breakfast of pancakes and grapes. Some of Blake's favorites!
Cute little basket and outfit laid out the night before...
When I was growing up my mom always had the Easter bunny deliver baskets and a new Easter Sunday outfit so I decided to keep that tradition. Blake had no idea what was going on but I still had fun getting some goodies for him and picking out his cute outfit! We didn't dye Easter eggs this year (honestly it came so fast this year that I forgot) but next year we will for sure. Happy Easter everyone!

Smiles and Keys

A very happy smile. He was laughing the entire time! I love you little man!Hi mom lets go, I have got the keys!
Keys in hand...

This little man gets cuter and cuter every day. Lately he loves keys. He walks around saying keys all day long. He will run up to the door with keys and say "go!" or he will take them over to his toy car and try to start it up. He is so funny right now. He eats with them in hand and has to leave them on the table at night just to request them first thing when he wakes up! It is so cute. He also poses for the camera. He cracks us up and we love him more and more every day!