Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Making FUNNY Faces!

What a silly boy! I love you little man! Loves his tounge!
My MOST favorite picture... What a cute kid!

I love the up close picture... look at his cute cheeks!

Hi dad!

Waiting patiently for mommy to come home...
Did I mention how much I love this little man? He is so funny! His personality is really starting to show now. He now has two bottom teeth that he cant leave alone with his tongue and he makes the funniest noises like raspberries and squeals! On this particular night Mitch and Blake were waiting outside for me to come home from work. (One of my most favorite things) While they were waiting Blake started making his funny noises but this time accompanied by lots of funny faces. He is so cute and I don't know how I could love anyone anymore than I love this little boy!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summertime Fun!

Splashing in the pool with dad! We love you Blake! Look mom I am so happy!
Grandma D joined in on the fun!
Always has his tongue out!
Look how cute he is driving! He would hit the steering wheel and it would beep! So cute!
Blake loves loves loves the water! He loves to be in the bath, he loves to be in the pool, and he even loves to splash in Jerry's water bowl (gross)! He is so much fun! Lately he has started to dance a little... I will have to get video of it and post it later but it is soo cute! I love him! I never knew one little person could make me so happy!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Blake and Jerry

Such a happy little man! We love him so much and cant imagine our lives without him! Gotta eat the remote!
Look how cute Blake is snuggling up against Mitch's leg. Notice his cute little first tooth! Now he always has his tongue out. He cant quite figure out what it is! I love him!!
Whoops I slipped!
This picture is so funny to me... both the dog and Blake have the same expression!
One night last week while I was working late Mitch took a bunch of pictures of Blake and Jerry. Blake loves Jerry. He follows him all around the house... but Jerry isn't a fan! He never snips at Blake but you can tell he gets a bit annoyed with him taking all the attention! Jerry really is quite patient with Blake though... he lets him attempt to pet him and pat his head. So cute!