Sunday, September 18, 2011

Potty Training! A success!!

Very proud of you little buddy! Way to go!Picking out stickers for his reward! He also knew that once he started going potty than he would get to go to pre school! That starts tomorrow!!
So proud! Showing daddy what he did!
I decided that it was past time to start potty training this little kiddo... so Blake and I blocked off 3 days and dedicated our lives to the cause! haha. By using sticker charts, skittles, a timer (every 10 minutes), and lots of recognition we finally made it! I was so proud of him and he was so proud of himself! It took a little while to go #2 but going #1 was not really an issue. Hardly any accidents and we would wake up dry almost every day from nap and even from the night. Once he finally decided that going #2 in the potty wasn't scary anymore we have not had any accidents at all and he wakes up dry every day and every morning! YAY! I am not going to lie... this was hard for me (probably because I waited until I was 8 months pregnant to accomplish this mile stone.) But ever since he has gone on the potty Blake has been so happy and so proud of himself! WOOHOO!

Baking a cake!

End result: A yummy cake! And yes that is how he smiles when he doesn't really want to smile!

I love the excitement on his face in this picture! He was having so much fun!

Blake loves to help! It doesn't matter what we are doing he wants to be right there helping us! He had so much fun baking a cake with dad! Mitch is such a wonderful dad. He never loses his patience with Blake and makes sure that Blake knows how special and important he is!

Self Portraits..

Love you little buddy! Full chipmunk cheeks!
I love random funny surprises! Blake sometime got a hold of the camera while eating a yogurt and took some pictures of the event. It must have been one delicious yogurt! He is so funny! Seriously when I found this I started laughing out loud! So fun and so cute!


We had such a fun trip! We met up with Grandpa Greg, Cameron, Becky, and their kids and had a great day! I must say I did pretty good for being 7 months prego! Flying the helicopter! Loving life!
Loved the boat ride!
Getting ready for take off!
This is one of my all time favorite pictures of Blake. He was so excited to get on his first ride! So stinking cute!
In Utah they have a fun theme park called Lagoon! I love this because they have rides for little kids and they can go on them without a parent! Blake was so excited which was awesome because we were not sure how he was gong to do. As you can see he was all about it! So Much FUN!

Iron Springs

It was a great trip! Lots of fun memories!Driving on the little roads with dad! He loves to do anything that daddy does!!
Spending some time with Grandpa Wayne teaching him how to use his flashlight :)
Showing off his big catch!
Caught the first fish of the day! He was so proud and so excited! And so were we!
Nice self portrait!
My favorite place to go camping is in Utah called Iron Springs! I loved going there growing up and I love that my family has been a few times too! Blake loves to go fishing!! He has his own fishing pole and all! He was so much fun for this trip! Anything that he could do to help and make it so we had smooth sailing during the camp out he was all about!

Last Day of Disneyland

We had such a wonderful family vacation to Disneyland!! It was so great to spend time with Grandpa Greg, Cameron, Becky, Aidan, Ross, and Emilee! Thank you family for joining us for a wonderful family vacation! Love you all!

Day at the Beach!

Nice shot of me and my hubby! Great day! I love my family! Grandpa Greg and Blake. Blake was having the time of his little life with Grandpa Greg. They were pretend surfing!

Me and Becky. As Blake would say aunt Bucky. haha
Blake with his cousins checking out the scenery!
I love getting pictures of Mitch and Blake walking side by side. So cute!
Part two of our California trip was spent at the beach! We had such a great day splashing in the water and soaking up the sun! Blake wasn't too sure of the cold water at first but then we had a hard time pulling him away! It was a very fun day!