Sunday, November 15, 2009

Halloween 2009

Cute boys playing... Notice Blake is still wearing his ears! Too fun! At least Blake looks cute in this picture (minus me!) HA
Cousin Aidan was Bumblebee from transformers. Very cute!Blake and cousin Derek. Derek was a very cute Nemo! And they are such cute friends too!
Hello Happy Baby!
Yes I know this is very late to post about Halloween but I can not forget about it! Blake was Yoda for Halloween and we was so cute!! The cutest Yoda I have ever seen. The funny thing about this costume is that he Loved wearing the ears. It is funny because Blake hates having things on his head! He would walk around everywhere with it on! Too funny! Happy Halloween!

Dishwasher Helper!

He is always ready to go outside! We love you little man!! See ya mom! I got work to do! Here he is helping pick up toys... notice he has to have his shoes on! Church shoes at that! Blake We love you SO much! Hi Mommy! I am just busy working and helping! Here he is putting things in the dishwasher and taking them out. What a stinker! HA!

So I know it has been over a month since I have blogged! I can not believe how fast these past two months have gone by! Blake is growing cuter and cuter everyday and I love him more and more every second! He is running everywhere now, talking like crazy, and so full of personality! He is now 14+ months old and so much fun! Some of his favorite things right now are playing with trucks, books, blocks, and anything that has a button! He loves to have his shoes on and be outside. He hides my shoes from me! It is so cute! I found a pair of my shoes the other day under neath the bathroom sink! What? It was funny, I thought I had lost them! He loves to be a helper... with everything! He helps do the dishes, pick up his toys, do the laundry... oh it is just so fun! Every once in a while I will get a real hug... it melts my heart! I love this little man!