Sunday, September 18, 2011

Potty Training! A success!!

Very proud of you little buddy! Way to go!Picking out stickers for his reward! He also knew that once he started going potty than he would get to go to pre school! That starts tomorrow!!
So proud! Showing daddy what he did!
I decided that it was past time to start potty training this little kiddo... so Blake and I blocked off 3 days and dedicated our lives to the cause! haha. By using sticker charts, skittles, a timer (every 10 minutes), and lots of recognition we finally made it! I was so proud of him and he was so proud of himself! It took a little while to go #2 but going #1 was not really an issue. Hardly any accidents and we would wake up dry almost every day from nap and even from the night. Once he finally decided that going #2 in the potty wasn't scary anymore we have not had any accidents at all and he wakes up dry every day and every morning! YAY! I am not going to lie... this was hard for me (probably because I waited until I was 8 months pregnant to accomplish this mile stone.) But ever since he has gone on the potty Blake has been so happy and so proud of himself! WOOHOO!


Katie Ann said...

Awesome!! Go Blake!

bettina said...

yeah blake! and elise ;)