Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Dear Blake,

I wanted to take a minute to write down how much I love you so that you will always know how special you are to me. From the minute I met you I fell in love. You are such a sweet, smart, caring, stubborn (which will be a good thing when you are older), loving, thoughtful, happy, shy (until you get used to someone), special little 3 year old boy.

Right now a little about you...

You love to be with your family and we love to be with you!
You love to help with anything you can. You help your daddy fix everything and you help me with house hold chores
You love your daddy and you love to spend time with him.
You love your mimi, grandpa, and your grandma d and love running errands with them by yourself in their cars.
You love skittles and sugar cookies and it is hard for all of us to tell you no.
You love to create and you are funny. You are a thinker.
You have the best little imagination and you are always teasing us making up your own words to songs and stories.
You don't miss a beat with anything and you remember everything.
You love Mickey Mouse and everything to do with cars and trucks.
You especially love your red car and your lightening McQueen car. You are always in them.
You love having date night with your mom - and I think I love it more. We usually watch a movie and go out for pizza
You tell me you have a secret for me and then you tell me you love me. It melts my heart.
You are a picky eater - I think it is because you are too busy to sit down and eat
You like macaroni and cheese, cereal, mandarin oranges, turkey roll ups, and noodles. Yes plain noodles. You are a snacker - cheese its, goldfish, and pretzels are a few of your favorites.
You love going to school and to nursery. You have lots of friends at both places
You are so sweet and sensitive. You don't understand when kids are mean because you aren't mean
You think about how your actions effect others and apologize when you have a fit. "I'm sorry mommy for throwing that fit and saying mean things, I don't know what I was thinking" Love it.
You have the best vocabulary of any kid I know. You use words like predicament, suppose, clarify, and other big kid words. It is awesome because you use them in the correct context always.
You know how to re structure sentences when someone doesn't understand you. What 3 year old can do that? Just you.
You laugh at all the funny spots in movies. You have the best laugh. It cracks us up!
You have this awesome serious voice that you use when you are making a point about something.
You think of reasons that you love your mommy and daddy and you tell us, you are so sweet!

There are so many special things about you and these are just a few that I can think of right now. Thank you for blessing my life and for teaching me how to be a better mom. I love you little man!

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