Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Early Bird Preschool!

Waiting ever so patiently for his first day! He was so excited... walked right in and took off his back pack and said see you later mom and dad! Like I said... he is growing up way too fast!Walking on up to her door. He picked out his own back pack for school. Love how big it is!
I love his first school picture by the door. His face is priceless!
Yes my little buddy now goes to preschool! He is such a smart little boy. I know everybody says that but this little kid is hilarious with how smart he is. He uses logic and decisive reasoning when making decisions so it was more than time to find him a school to attend. Ms. Erin is his teacher at Early Bird Preschool and he loves every minute of it! He is learning so much! He cracks us up because he is so private with school... doesn't want to tell us about it! That's fine with me... It is his own special thing! Everyday he brings home some art project about what they learned that day and some home work that we can do together. He LOVES it!

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